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Happy Days Official Lyric Video Out Now!

Micah Metje and Rhythm Records showcase the official lyric video for Happy Days, included in Micah's debut album "Away With You," now available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

Shot, filmed, and edited by Ryan Smart and Ryan Smart Productions.
Shot in Boulder, CO and Seattle, WA.

Away With You is available today on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Download above.


Meet Micah

Micah Delivers an experience that is not just defined as unique, but passionate and soulful. A purpose is given to his lyrics that capture audiences.
— Jacob Trujillo, Rhythm Records

Micah in his home studio that he built, 2016


Origin of Micah


I'm a 19 year old pop songwriter from Seattle. Three years ago I started a little punk rock band with my best bud and future producer, Ryan Smart. Since then, we left that group and together have focused on building our own music. He was making videos, doing photo shoots, and recording artists, while I was performing shows and growing my personal fan base. Within the last year Ryan and I have decided to team up to create beautiful music. I'm getting ready to release my debut album, "Away With You," which features uptempo, happy beach-themed love music going back to the similarities of my single "Away With You." We've received a total of 30,000 views on our music video for our latest hit single, "Breakaway" and "Away With You," and are quickly making traction on iTunes and Spotify. We'll be releasing our album late August with a featured duet with Sierra Lauren, a talented vocalist from Seattle! Take a listen to some of our work and thank you all for your support.


The Team

Micah Metje

Guitar / Lead Vocals

Ryan Smart

Electronics / Producer